Success Stories



DevoteeMatch is working! Many matches are made every month on DevoteeMatch - and it's completely free to use!

Here we share with you some of our reported success stories in helping devotees enter grihastha ashram.

If you have found a match through DevoteeMatch, please inform us by email to support [at] devoteematch [dot] com. Please mention both of your profile IDs, which Matchmaker/s (if any) assisted you, and whether you would like to keep your identities anonymous.

  • Our Matchmaker Jaganathesvari Devi Dasi reported that one of her Russian clients got married to another DevoteeMatch member.

  • A male member from Melbourne was delighted upon finding a match through

  • A female member from Boston expressed sincere thanks to for help in finding her a suitable devotee match.

  • A female member from Mumbai informed us that she found a match on

  • A female member from Russia found a very nice devotee match from Canada through

  • Our Matchmaker Jagannathesvari Devi Dasi connected two devotees: A male member from Germany thanked us for helping him match with a female member from South Africa and commended us for providing matrimonial guidance from senior devotees.

  • A Bahrain-based male member from India expressed sincere thanks to upon finding a match from Ukraine.

  • A female member from Latin America informed us that she found a match through DevoteeMatch.

  • A female member from New York informed us that she has found a match through DevoteeMatch.

  • Our Matchmaker Prema Manjari Devi Dasi in Singapore arranged a match between a female member and a male non-member (who was a friend of a male member).